“My Apprenticeship involves four different placements within Visa over two years,” he explains. “I'm currently on my third.”

Adapting to each placement has been a real challenge, however. “I start a new job every six months,” says Rob. “I get comfortable with the team I work with and the job I'm doing... but then it's time to try something new that's entirely out of my comfort zone.”

Yet that's also why Rob enjoys his Apprenticeship. “The flip side is that I've got to know lots of different teams and discover how they inter-relate,” he says. “And I've come to understand more about what I want for my career while learning lots of transferable skills.”

Before Rob started his Apprenticeship he worked in retail, so had been familiar with cards and payments. “Visa are at the forefront of this technology and a trusted brand,” he says. “I'm studying, but in a focussed way; while, at work, I'm respected as a full-time member of the team I'm placed with. I'd recommend this route to anyone.”