The AS Watson Group is one of the fastest-growing global retailers. Owners of Superdrug and Savers, they really know their stuff when it comes to apprenticeships. Leading the way for a decade, their Apprenticeship Schemes are highly prized. Putting real emphasis on training while you work, apprentices are employed 30 hours per week on their 12-month programme. Over the years these programmes opened doors for many young people; people like Sam Cooper.
Now a Regional Security Manager for Savers, Sam started as a part-time Sales Assistant in Superdrug. In 2008 she moved onto their Apprenticeship Programme and over the next few years was one of the first to qualify in Customer Service, this enabled Sam to apply to become an Assistant Store Manager. In 2012 Sam seized the opportunity to complete a Retail Management Apprenticeship, which lead to her first store manager role . “The courses gave me extra skills”, she comments. “They gave me a higher level of understanding about effective communication, customer service and management in general. I think having that level of training gave me a step up on someone who didn’t.”


Fast Track to Success


Hard working and self-motivated, Sam progressed quickly. After handling various managerial roles she transferred to Savers just over a year ago. “It’s been great to move around to different towns and areas and meet different people. Every time I’ve moved it’s been to a bigger store with a larger team which means I’ve continued to learn more and more about management”.
Sam Cooper has some good advice for anyone thinking of going down the apprenticeship route. “Just do it,” she says. “Apart from my own experience of earning while learning, I recently had an apprentice working for me and saw at first hand the opportunity the role had given her, the skills she had learned and the experience she had gained.”

“Getting to this position has been my aim,” Sam says, “I'm where I've always wanted to be.”
“I think that having Retail Management and Customer Service Apprenticeships on my CV gave me an advantage over those who didn't have them,” admits Sam. “I wanted to stay on in the Assistant Manager role for a couple of years and build on the skills I had developed. Then, when the opportunity arose, I moved on to a Store Manager role at Burton upon Trent.”
From there, Sam took on a variety of managerial roles in a number of stores, including Perry Bar and Erdington in Birmingham, Derby Shopping Centre and Walsall. She also spent over a year at the Touchwood shopping centre in Solihull, and has now moved to Savers as Regional Security Manager.
“Getting to this position has been my aim,” she says. “I'm where I've always wanted to be.” Looking back, she credits her apprenticeship with setting her on the path to career success. “Studying for my Apprenticeships gave me such confidence because they equipped me with different skills,” she says. “Skills that I'm still using today.”

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Savers and Superdrug have taken on more than 750 apprentices during the past three years. That’s heading for 1,000 young people all learning on the job as well as getting paid… and getting ahead!

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Interested in Buying, Logistics, Store and Regional Management, Resource or Social Media? Savers’ and Superdrug’s Apprenticeship Programmes could set you on your way. With apprenticeships in Retail and Customer Service - and the option of specialising in beauty and healthcare at Superdrug – benefits include 28 days paid holiday plus a 30% store discount. What’s not to love? Become part of something bigger today; apply online at or